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Bhutan Visa Requirements

Visa Formalities

All Visitors or tourists visiting Bhutan must avail Visas through one of the Travel operators approved by the Royal Government through the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Visas are not applicable to Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian Nationals. The full advance payment must be made to the Tourism Council of Bhutan with our Travel agent as your Ultimate Beneficiary to process your Visas. Your Visa shall be approved and processed including the Air Ticket only upon receiving the Full Tour Payment by the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

Application Procedures:

Upon receiving your payment, we will be notified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan regarding your Tariff payment. We will then send you or you may download from (Download Visa Form) our website the Visa Application form. You will then fill up the Visa Application form and send it to us along with a scanned Passport Copy (Color) if convenience in JPG file format. After receiving your Full Payment by the Tourism Council of Bhutan with us as your ultimate Beneficiary, your Visas shall be processed within Two to Three Days and it will be send back to you.

After processing your Visas, you shall also make your ticket payment and your Ticket shall be processed of Booked and shall be sent to you. Air Ticket to Bhutan cannot be purchased without your Visa clearance.

You will be charged USD $ 40/- as your Visa Fee.

At your Point of Entry, your Visa will be stamped in your Passport.

Cancellation Policy:

For Booked and Cancelled Tour Programs, the following charges shall be applied:

  • within 30 days of start of Programme Booked~ no charges
  • within 21 days ~ 10% of rate
  • within 14 days ~ 15% of rate
  • within 7 days ~ 30% of rate
  • less than 7 days or without notice ~ 50% of rate
  • after arrival in Bhutan ~ 100%

To return your Balance Payment through Bank, the charges shall be levied on you that shall be deducted from the Principle Payment that you owe from us.

Delayed Arrivals:
There is no charge for delays in arrival and departure because of weather conditions disrupting flights or road blocks. The tourist must however bear the cost of food, accommodation, transportation, and other services required.
Bhutan is rich in cultural diversity and this richness is further enhanced by the wide variety of elaborate and colorful religious festivals that are celebrated
throughout the country.

Every village is known for their unique festival though the most widely known is the annual... Read more

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